1 JAGRD “Beast” Smoker (3 shelf)

Oven on Trolley with Lockable Heavy Duty Casters, Three Stainless Steel Shelves

We have our commercial three stainless shelf “Beast” Not only does this big beautiful Beast allow you to produce the aromas of fine roasting coffee as it hums on the rotisserie, but with a slight modification the almost 2M square cooking area can be used for it’s original purpose, of Low and Slow Smoking, Hot and Fast Roasting, Steady Baking, and a Pizza Oven

1. Built of 6mm Steel throughout (Double walled) Over 550kg

2. Three Cooking levels

3. Ample Room for your average 20-25kg pig to spin on a woodfired spit

4. Heats to 250 degrees in 60mins! Also able to be brought to Cooking Temperature with Charcoal, and Encourage you to use Heat Beads for Cold Smoking, holding temp at a Steady 75-100°

5. Accommodates Eight, nine and half inch Pizza at one time

6. Can be used to Bake, Roast, Slow Cook and as a Smoker

7. 100% #Australian Made

8. Perfect Outdoor Heating

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