Charcoal Gravity Fed Cabinet

The Gravity Cabinet is designed for ease of catering staying true to the authentic taste and aromas that are paramount when serving American Low and Slow BBQ

A catering beauty in the JAGRD Gravity Fed Cabinet. This is a charcoal auto feed system that lets you set and forget, almost like a pallet grill but using all natural fuels by adding your smoking woods to the ash/wood box below the charcoal chute with hot embers enough to get your meats smoked beautifully!

The Gravity Cabinet is designed for ease of catering keeping that authentic smoked flavour paramount and allowing you to walk away knowing it will stand on its own, or choose to monitor and maintain your temperatures via a Smartfire controller using Wi-Fi, leaving you confident to go home and sleep knowing all is cooking away for the next days fresh service!

15 to 20kg of charcoal in the chute will have you burning well, well, over 24hrs with little assistance, or shut it down and hold charcoal for your next cook! The cabinet is fully insulated within its steel frame which accounts for its excellent fuel efficiency. The capacity in the cabinet will have you loading with 12 plus briskets, 24 plus pork butts, and so, so many chicken wings they will begin to fly away!

All Gravity Cabinets come standard with 5 expanda mesh shelves (9 shelf points overall), two stainless chafe dishes are mounted in their own slide out frame for easy clean and easy fill as a water pan if required; we find as there is quite a bit of humidity created in the pit itself water is not needed to hold moisture in proteins, but this is a personal preference…

She weights in at 350kg, is 100% insulated, and comes on solid casters for easy move-ability

  • Height – 1800mm ground to top of flue

  • Depth – 820mm to Door Handle

  • Width – 1250mm including Air Valve

  • 5 x Expanda mesh shelves measure 700mm wide x 600mm deep

Or $1,719.90 today and more time to pay