“Raspberry” Jam Smoking Wood 3kg

Jam wood (Acacia Acuminata) is native to and thrives in the West Australian Wheatbelt and South West regions; found to be a dense, durable Australian hardwood that has a fragrant smell when cut and used for BBQ smoking, the scent wafting is just like raspberry jam!


Jam blends particularly well as an all-purpose wood across most proteins as when jam burns it imparts a subtle sweet flavour to your meats and creates a penetrating smoke ring you can proudly boast about.

Raspberry Jam will impart a beautiful flavour to pork, chicken, even beef or lamb, and can be used for your cold smoked cheeses.

All that’s required to get the best results from Jam wood are 1 to 2 small chunks on/in any BBQ, grill or smoker for the first 2-3 hours of smoking your meats, but play around and find your flavour mix…

Jam can be used directly on your fire or charcoal bed but is best placed beside or close to coals, even under to give that long burn.

Jam is fast becoming the most sought-after smoking wood being the preferred choice against many from the very first burn.

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